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Interviewer: In the press conference you said that if you scored a goal it’d be special bc you’re a defender, and bc you eat the same food everyday, right?

-David laughs-

Interviewer: and what about… eating other things (out) everyday?

"The goldilocks and the determination to disarm an opponent on the field are not the only that made David Luiz the new Brazil’s darling. The defender’s education has drawn the attention of fans who have followed Seleção’s training. To take a picture with the defender, you need to obey his "orders" and enter an organised line. With gestures and signs, David Luiz asks the fans not to jump the line, who obey without thinking twice."

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Chelsea’s brasilian with little Luiz


Chelsea’s brasilian with little Luiz

De vez em quando me pego planejando futuros tão absurdos.

Caio Augusto Leite.     (via segredou)

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First Day at Nicosie

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David Luiz + Friendly match.

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David Luiz Iphone 4 Wallpapers.

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